Goldtassel's Dollhouse Drop n Drag
Welcome to Goldtassel's Create a Doll!

Do Not Direct Link to This Page...

Please take your time and put her head on straight!

You May Not Take the doll from the Locket!
Just drop the solid background from around the locket.

  You must leave all text visible.

Just drag the pieces to the locket.
Please only put the hats on the doll heads wearing a hat.
(Except the Christmas Stocking Caps.)

    Use these to decorate the inside of left frame!

If you have any questions please email me,
but make sure you've read the instructions on the terms page First!
Read the help files to your grapics programs ..... I work only with PSP.
Also I've been getting a lot of mail with 'demands'....
this is totally unacceptable. If you have a request - remember 'please' and 'thank you'
and please remember this is page is a hobby that I am Sharing.

The bow dings and gradient used in the locket backs are from Dizzinz.

Graphics( except those stated above or unchanged from the Palace )and Content are Property of Goldtassel.
All rights reserved.